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IV is Third Sights fourth studio album. It features guest production, lyrics and cuts.


released May 19, 2016

Amen feat. Fat Flash Production by Awkward Lyrics by Roughneck Jihad & Fat Flash

Barbarian Production by Awkward Lyrics by Jihad Cuts by D-Styles

Credibility Production by Barry Bones Lyrics by Jihad

Set the Mic on Fire Production by Ainshant Vehikl Lyrics by Jihad

Freakish Tales Production by BOOKS ONE Lyrics by Jihad Cuts by D-Styles

New Devices Production by BOOKS ONE Lyrics by Jihad

Biomechanical Production by BOOKS ONE Lyrics by Jihad Cuts by D-Styles

The Scene Production by Waxsmith Lyrics by Jihad

Notebook Paper Production and Cuts by Waxsmith Lyrics by Jihad

Leonish Production and Cuts by Waxsmith Live Bass by the Dubalator Lyrics by Jihad

Suns of Anarchy feat. Clockwize & Maestro Gamin Production by Du Funk Lyrics by Jihad, Clockwize & Maestro Gamin Cuts by D-Styles

Hella Production by Du Funk Lyrics by Jihad Cuts by Pryvet Peepsho

The Cell Production by Du Funk Lyrics by Jihad Cuts by Pryvet Peepsho

Sucker Punk Production by Du Funk Lyrics by Jihad

Nerd Production by Pryvet Peepsho Lyrics by Jihad

Cuckold Crush Brothers feat. Motion Man Production by Pryvet Peepsho Lyrics by Jihad & Motion Man

Kingpin Production by Pryvet Peepsho Lyrics by Jihad Cuts by D-Styles

Dump the Body Production by D-Styles Lyrics by Jihad Cuts by D-Styles

Chrome Production and Cuts by D-Styles Lyrics by Jihad

White Girl Production and Cuts by D-Styles Lyrics by Jihad

Fear feat. Insomniac Production by D-Styles Lyrics by Jihad & Insomniac



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Jihad the Roughneck MC Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: The Scene
You don’t get to say what you want, talk to me any kind of way not today not for play not for pay watch your mouth and what comes out and if it’s decay delay that way till I’m outta ear shot you’re a mere clot for the bumba like the RZA I dance the Rhumba for years I had to wonder if I could get Winnie but I ain’t Nelson so it just ain’t in me wishes torn asunder hunger pains loud like thunder speed of sound elastic like small Japanese rubber fantastic brother disgruntled uncle it’s none other than ladies lover, lover of ladies romance a cougar until she’s crazy no babies bust shot like German Luger my DJ cut like Freddie Krueger suture that but add some rabies add some scabies why because my record is sicker than a leper hot stepper not hold a scepter not call time out like Chris Webber roll spliff better never deny blood fly blood letter shoot Scuds whatever whenever wherever but I ain’t Maxwell I’m the dude who dropped his tape on a Maxell even Green Lantern Sciencell can’t hold me oldie like Nick Noltie never smoke moldy herb that’s what an OG told me MC’s fetal position like Rollie Pollie regal disposition un holy don’t touch my balls unless you’re the goalie or I’ll put the banana in your pipe like Axel Foley laugh Murphy but nothing here is comical your rhyme skill nominal not Spock you’re illogical
I’m Richard Dastardly so diabolical you beat me seriously improbable girls say he’s fine down to his hair follicle and his defense make your quarterback call an audible your girl knows sea men and other things nautical when I’m in the city smoke the San Francisco Chronicle mc’s pay a fee not free not nominal J not the man with six pack abdominal J is the man with the sick rap abominable flow brother unseen like down low brother slick camouflage never commit bic fraud head nods are authentic MC’s on the radio raps sound demented labels give me my percentage for what I invented printed on legal tender I ain’t Harvey Pekar American Splendor guess who’s coming to dinner this winter injure a nigga if he bite like Serpentor
Roughneck Jihad not from the scene
Where they pop Molly and drink that lean
He’s a Human Hip Hop Guillotine
They can’t understand the way I fiend
Track Name: Hella
I’ve got some homies, I’ve got friends /whatever you do to me is done to them/ and whatever is done to them is done to me/ we are we but still in complete unity/ so we come together like Hellstrom’s Hive/ or the creatures in the Green Brain in order to survive/ all included must thrive our science is so sustainable/ small carbon foot print credentials un assailable
I might engage you on the mental but as of now I’m unavailable/ so you can say your rhyme I just won’t listen/ MC’s on a beat with me like to play chicken/ or frogger car dodger on the drum that’s in the rhythm/ float on a log then on a lily pad/ tell your dad to grab me some Philles and don’t lag/ and hurry back from the store I’m almost done with this vapor bag/ I give my cash to the Volcano corporation/ making smoking innovation from the father land Sudeten/ or somewhere around that geographic area/ people in America would go into hysteria/
if I was locked inside the Gulag Archipelago/ I’m from the Bay so I often say hella/ ho-tep to all my black Egyptians/ that like my rippin never slippin word flippin/ Africans in Peru right now are cotton pickin/ if I was out there Negro Mama would be missing/ but naw that ain’t moral for al atheist, Christian,/ Mohammedan, Musselman, Hebrew or Judaic/ take an archaic word and make it you favorite/ moja, mbili, tatu, nne, you just bring my bottle of Henny, put on Machine Gun from rock and roll Jimmy protect your liver, you cannot have any
Track Name: Nerd
I’m That Type of Nerd
Structural impurities within this basic framework same nervous system he knows how pain works every now and then invigorated by inane mirth insane verse win a title bout make it rain from his purse train remain celibate swollen in the girth leave the competition rollin’ in the dirt chewin chunks of earth spitting muddy verse tell your buddy hearse is his fuckin chauffeur six feet of hurt between you and her when I say jump she says yes sir Olympic gold medal every time that occur I stay warm like Luke in a Tauntaun fur metal storm metal 3D rebel song strong prolonged flow long and don’t sekkle don’t cease to release increased niche confections that change the direction of Hansel and Gretel mmm sooo delicious all his fucking life on mics he rapped viscious standing on a stage with Greg we grant wishes stamp bitches, tramps and witches blow amps avoid snitches criminal speak critical rhyme habitual Uncle untenable has you in his tentacles Lyrical general standing on the pinnacle not an individual records unoriginal sounds get recycled to be an icon need I die like Michael Or create a new Juan Sequitur recital You’re trifle in an urban setting getting all tribal shooting at his rival in a trial of survival my approach is gooder call me a butcher like Billy I’m not neutered that’s silly I’m illy Willie chill skill billy from Santa Clara city suckers suck dick I liked to suck titty and as a result ever since I was born suck more titties than lesbian porn my regimen consummate thespian perform horn like narwhal underwater unicorn colorful stones in my sack like the Norns during this recording no hymens were torn watch out for dude in the snitch uniform his allegiance is sworn so show him scorn super super star like Simon Bolivar I’ll put the middle of my shaft where your back molars are then skate off like Andre Kopitar before I get picked up by der commissar
I’m that type of nerd variety way too smart to walk away quietly I don’t say the type of rhymes that help society I make party records that adults play privately a young Blowfly or Jimmie Lynch or your local pederast in a brown colored trench buttons undone with the waist band cinched not two sizes two small like the Grinch stick it through a knot hole in the fence isotoner stoner he leaves no prints boner organ doner I hope old girl don’t clench you can’t determine my German well excuse my French
Track Name: Sucker Punk
Sucker Punk
I woke up one morning at about four twenty did I have any extract yeah I had plenty it was me and Jimbrowski my Polish friend Jimmy hopped in my truck revved up the hemi on the radio O.D.B, Ya, Ya, Shimmy em cees be living a lie like Timmy but they’re handicapped not handi capable not sensational voice a little tinny if he charge a penny for those thought he’s overcharging don’t do the crime unless you can get a presidential pardon his jargon was Charmin so I wiped my ass with it so fly like a German pilot quiet in my Messerschmitt as I fly around Germany open up the back of a blunt call it surgery saying you can rhyme under oath that’s fuckin perjury everybody claims a little boast most certainly everybody raise a little toast my TI suit was burgundy like Ron but it’s Juan with the ski mask under nylons burglary put all your motivation in the bag that brand new shit in the plastic with the tags attached the whole batch I will snatch I’m a cad changing up what you wish you had Moleculad
It’s like it’s stuck upon the paper you couldn’t pull this line off designed like a rhyme that you could not get your mind off Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof if a pig try to swing I’ll cut the fucking swine off chop his rabid mind off it’s hog head cheese undercover dogs have cybernetic fleas I’m digital flea powder strong as coyote pee I’m Moby Dick wreck your ship drown you crew and then I flee
That’s How I Rhyme Sucker Punk I don’t want a hit off your mother fucking blunt and I don’t want your money for this wack ass feature I’m like Larry but I don’t need a suit for my leisure so hot like a fever mother fuckers go into a coma or a seizure forget their whole shit like amnesia fall off like hair alopecia