Who Are You?

by Tarantula Brothers



Who Are You explicit version


Who Are You
Who the fuck are you let me see your papers run a background check are you affiliated with haters neighbors with faux players no rhymes rhyme sayers I’d like to make a bet better yet several wagers we can bet which of us has the cold crush flavor I come with Peter North ropes leave with the paper leave with the coin and all poker chips pop screen coated in thick smoker spit you ain’t a Herculoid you ain’t Zandor fuck you and every little thing you stand for you ain’t puff and stuff like Sid and Marty Kroft stressin’ out the rap game made a nigga get soft when it comes to my life you can’t mess with a smidgen listen I exorcise demons in the rhythm back in the seventies when vagina hair was bushy Roughneck Jihad came straight out the pussy

I'll pin your eyes open like Malcolm Mcdowell tell you that ultra sex and violence is foul every time you see it you wretch and stomach cramp as we freelance and advance we are the people’s champs we never run we fight all comers more classic rhymes than pay per view sales numbers I do it with the passion not for the cash son plus I represent the Bay like the Filipino Flash some grasp at the past but the futures what I fashion I’ll give you salmonella make your mother fuckin’ ass run like the Flash Barry Allen runnin’ from Captain Cold your hands are very fast but off beat with no soul you can fool a sucker punk but never a black elder now it’s time to go all helter skelter not like the Beatles like crazy Charlie in the pen I’ll stab you with this pen again and again


released November 15, 2015
Production courtesy of DJ Du Funk, Lyrics performed by Roughneck Jihad



all rights reserved


Jihad the Roughneck MC Los Angeles, California

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